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„Contemporary challenges in mitigation of the negative effects of mining on construction, infrastructure and people”

Sustainable development of mining and post mining areas, in particular:

  • Direct and indirect impact of closed and operating mines on construction infrastructure,
  • The estimation of planned minerals exploitation,
  • The influence of mining industry and land exploitation on technical infrastructure,
  • The impact of land deformation and mining tremors on buildings,
  • An assessment and the intensity scale of the impact of mining tremors on buildings,
  • Impact of lignite opencast mines exploitation on the environment,
  • Impact of mining tremors on people in buildings,
  • Costs of mitigation and reduction of mining damage,
  • Environmental aspects related to the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas deposits,
  • Use of post-mining waste in construction industry,
  • The reinforcement of subsoil in mining and post-mining areas,
  • Modern methods of monitoring mining and post mining areas.